Forest Funds

We created investment funds intended for Insurance Companies, Family Offices and Pension Funds, both in Uruguay and other countries in the region.

Bosques del Uruguay III

Bosques del Uruguay III is the third forest-trust launched by AF in 2016. We manage 45 thousand hectares of workable land and 30 thousand of pine and eucalyptus forests with a sustainable and productive approach. We expect a production of 10.4 million m3 of wood for sawmilling, pulp and energy.

Our funds make up one of the largest Eucalyptus
sawmilling wood forest assets in Uruguay.

How is the money invested


Planting and production costs


Land and fixed assets



Bosques del Uruguay II

In 2015 we created Bosques del Uruguay II, a second forest-trust in Uruguay, with a 70 million dollar investment and an expected return rate of 8,78%. We expect to produce 3,6 million m3 of wood for sawmilling, pulp and energy to be sold in the Uruguayan and international market.

Bosques del Uruguay I

In 2011 we launched in Uruguay the first forest-trust public offering, Bosques del Uruguay I, for a total of 50 million dollars.
With this venture we sustainably produce 2.76 million m3 of eucalyptus wood for sawmilling and pulp production.