Our Company

We are a company that operates in Uruguay, Brazil and Chile; we provide asset management and forestry services. We offer comprehensive solutions to our customers, and provide for the safety and welfare of our employees, a responsible care of the environment, legal requirements, and ethics as a fundamental value.

Some history

We began our operations as a forestry services company in Uruguay in the year 2000. We started working specifically on weed control, but soon grew and diversified. Today we offer services at all stages of a forest’s growth, as well as fund development and management, and the administration of forestry and agricultural assets.

In 2007 we established our company in Chile and in 2010 in Brazil. With the three countries combined we operate more than 100,000 hectares in the region.

Quality and the Environment

“Our main commitment is to constitute ourselves as a beacon in the forestry market, recognized
by the high quality standards of our services, job security and respect for the environment. Our forests
are certified under FSC® standards, which guarantees a social and environmentally beneficial forestry management.”

Francisco Bonino, director

AF Group is FSC® certificate license holder FSC® C129543. FSC® is not
responsible for and does not endorse any financial claims on returns on investments.

Francisco Bonino


Dan Guapura

Country Manager of AF Uruguay

Pablo Thiel

Operations Coordinator Brazil

Francisco García

Manager of AF Chile

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of our clients and their needs